ParaTrinity Radio with Bryony Macri (Christian Crypto)

Posted by paratrinity on Monday, 26 of April , 2010 at 10:53 pm

PTR with Bryony Macri

This was an excellent show talking to one of our biggest, most loyal listeners, who is always into religious paranormal studies. She, with her group, study Cryptozoology and paranormal with a Christian mindset. Taking everything how their faith leads them. She also shared some stories of the paranormal and cryto sightings from Australia. Very fun, interesting, and enjoyable show.

Visit her blog at Also visit her group’s website at And find her on facebook at Paranormal unity and Christian Cryptozoology and Paranormal study group.

Also visit us at Tune in to listen live every Saturday at 11pm EST on And as always thank you for your support and loyal listening! We appreciate you all so much; you keep us going.


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ParaTrinity Radio is religion vs the paranormal! Hosts, Mike and LE hope to delve into the controversial subject of religion and the paranormal; do they collide or do they correlate?