ParaTrinity Radio with Deonna Sayed

Posted by paratrinity on Monday, 5 of April , 2010 at 1:50 pm

ParaTrinity Radio w/ Deonna Sayed
This was an excellent and informative show with special guest Deonna Sayed, Muslim, paranormal investigator, and author. She is currently a member of Haunted NC paranormal investigatio team, and working on the book “You Had Me At Boo!” to be released in 2011. To read more about her check out And to learn about their group check out! Also don’t forget to check our website at and to come over to for LIVE paranormal radio every night of the week! Brand new look and brand new management!


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ParaTrinity Radio is religion vs the paranormal! Hosts, Mike and LE hope to delve into the controversial subject of religion and the paranormal; do they collide or do they correlate?